Saturday, 15 February 2014

Chapter 5th.

This pain was smaller than the one that I felt in my heart and who asked me to James and Harry. I sat on the floor leaning against the bed. Blood trickled down to me after the hand. I got up and took a photo album. I took all the pictures related to One Step. I sat with them in place. I lay on the floor of a shard of glass. I started to rip all the photos. They were in the blood. My blood. All photos were date. Tearing and crying. I didnt feel the pain associated with wounds on my hands. When all the images lay in pieces on the floor, I picked up a shard of glass and started to perform cuts on my left hand, and then did the same with the right. Each wound is month to meet with James. Blood flowed all over my hands. Running down my legs, on which I had based hands. Red liquid soiled my pants and the floor around me. Every cut I wanted to ease the psychic pain. It was worse than the physical pain. At the same time entered the room my mom. Seeing what I was doing, she shouted:
- God, Jess!
I looked at her, crying. My mom grabbed the shirt of James lying on the bed. She began her rip and wrap my hands to stop the bleeding. Seeing what he was doing shouted:
- Leave it! This t-shirt of James!
- Stop it! He doesnt exist! He's gone - she said wrapping my arms. James shreds shirts were covered in blood.
I sat on the floor with my hands wrapped in James's t-shirt. Although the t-shirt is no longer resembled. These were only shreds the material covered in blood.
My mom went to the bathroom after the first aid kit. After a while she came back. I didnt feel physical pain. Psychic pain was killing me. T-shirt was the only thing that was given to me after James. Now there was nothing. I hate my mother for what she did. She doesnt even know how much this t-shirt meant for me. She unwrapped my hands, disinfected wounds that were not as deep as it might seem and made a bandage dressings. I saw the tears down her cheek. I wanted to scream that she left me, but I couldnt. When the dress over my hands lay on the bed. Mother stroked my head. I grabbed her hand, looked into her sad, teary eyes and whispered:
- I'm sorry.
She hugged me tightly, saying:
- He isnt worth your pain. He isnt worth anything. He hurt you.
- Dont talk about it. I still love him.
- You cant destroy my life by one boy.
- I havent life. Gone along with James.
- Dont say that. You have in front of you for many years.
At this point, my phone rang. I took it off the floor and looked at the display where the image blink Harry. I rejected the call.
- Why dont you answer? After all, you are friends - told my mom looked at my cell phone.
- We were friends. He deceived me. He knew about everything and hid from me. I no longer have friends.
- Dont talk nonsense. You have Angela, Alex.
- They belong to the One Step, and I dont want them to have nothing in common.
Harry didnt give up and still have been regularly struck.
- I think you should pick up and talk to him - she said. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and left.
I looked for a gift from Harry. I loved the two boys. Both of them cheated me. I picked up a ringing phone, saying:
- Don't call me anymore. I don't want you to know. I am for you, no longer exist.
- Jess, listen to me - he said in a pleading voice.
- No! Leave me alone!
- I love you. Give me a chance to explain everything.
- James also loved me. Or so he said.
- I'm not James!
- Both are alike! Both tricked me! Were playing with my mind! You dont even know what the friendship. Every friend always speaks the truth. You didnt tell her. 
- I'm sorry - Harry whispered, his voice breaking. I heard him sniff and then hung up. 
I turned to the side. I heard a knock on the door, but didnt even turned around. 
- Did you talk to Harry? - I heard my mother's voice.
- Yes. I said that he would never call me no. I dont want to see or hear him. 
My mother gave me tablets and water in a glass. I sat down and drank it all. Again, I lay down and closed my eyes. I felt like my mom covered me with a blanket and then leaves the room. I managed to fall asleep. The tablets worked.

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